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Thank you for an unforgettable weekend and camp. It was magical to see the kids bond and develop and unfold their potential, all while having healthy fun! You guys were just amazing, you got every one of them and your enthusiasm was inspirational. Thank you for putting your heart into your jobs, I think you touched many lives this weekend. Thank you also for accommodating me at the camp, I really appreciated your hospitality and even special dietary requirements were never a problem! Full marks from start to finish, thank you!!! Mila also says a big thank you, she had a great time and misses the camp so much! Please give Wiley (not sure how you spell that…) a big hug from her! 🙂

Beaumont Primary School

Sharon, Hestelize and I wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your team for an amazing ‘bootcamp’ with our Grade 6s. The activities were spot on, the leaders were all superb and the food was wonderful. The girls absolutely loved every minute, and we felt very relaxed and spoilt too! Much appreciated – have a good year and see you next year!

St Cyprians

This is just an email to say THANK YOU so much for the incredible camp! I have been told it was the “best camp of their lives” and if they had to rate it, it would be an 11/10. I have not stopped hearing stories about all the sergeants and their activities (even though I was there). The activities were so imaginative and original. You can be very proud of the quality of your camps. We will definitely be using your company again for our 2020 camp!

St Georges Grammar

Camp was an incredibly enriching experience for all, the children were able to experience a sense of community and belonging through team building exercises and as a result the friendships they made were invaluable. The camp was not only fun, but also many life lessons were learnt in and through the various planned activities. The activities were varied, interesting and relevant to the children. I would say some of the highlights were the target shooting, obstacle courses, river swimming and night-time stalk the lantern games. The camp facilitators were dynamic, energetic and they bonded incredibly well with the children – many of whom they knew by name within a day. As a staff we were very impressed with the meals and the level of responsibility the Boot Camp team and facilitators showed throughout the camp. The discipline was good and the rapport the facilitators built with the children was exceptional. All in all the children had a blast, made memories, kept safe, built friendships and spend their time well.

Camps Bay Primary

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