A New Era Of School Camps Has Arrived!

Welcome to Tribe Cape Town! Over the last few years, we have been very successful in taking our business Boot Camp Cape Town from a kids party operation to a leading School Camp service provider. We have spent the best part of 5 years passionately pursuing our dream of seeing lives changed through our programs. It is this passion and desire to see change in our youth that has led us to develop our brand new and improved brand… TRIBE!

Why The Change?

The name Tribe might seem familiar to you and you may have in fact heard murmurings of it mentioned in the past. If we are honest Tribe is a brand that has been about 3 years in the making and has finally become a reality. We feel like there is no better time to realize this dream! Boot Camp has been and is still very close to our hearts and has been a vehicle that has launched us into our destiny. Having said that it has had its limitations with it either being associated with the military or well you guessed it, FITNESS.

How Our Name Fits Into Our Camps!

Tribe Camps will use the example of a Tribe of people that survive, adapt, grow, serve and thrive together in any given situation. The sole aim is to encourage individuals to unveil and express their unique characteristics, skills, personalities, experiences, talents and teaching them the value of incorporating them into the team. We have spent over a decade developing a comprehensive school camp process with the aim of breaking away from the traditional camp mold, offering our clients an all-encompassing experience. 

Where To From Here?

We exist to lead, guide and motivate learners by highlighting their individual value to a team allowing them to become a part of something far bigger than themselves. The time for Tribe is now! The new era of school camps is upon us. You can expect a fresh new look, brand new programs and a dynamic new approach to camp as a whole. We have expanded our partnerships and upped our skillset with our core facilitation team allowing us to serve you and your students to the best of our ability.

What You Can Expect?

Our name, Tribe was birthed out of the concept that people thrive in numbers by learning from and serving one another as key contributors to the team. Over the years we learned from you, our clients and that’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of three brand new products! Without further ado we give you:

  • Leadership Unleashed – An fun, interactive and challenging two day in-house leadership based workshop suitable for Grade 8 -11.
  • #OTRTeen – Our very own two day in-house Entrepreneurship Program that teachers our students the ins and outs of starting up a business and pitching it to investors! Suitable for Grade 9-12.
  • Leadership Day Camps – A truly unique yet fun, inspiring and challenging half day leadership program held and hosted at Old Mac Daddy, Elgin.  Suitable for Grade 5-12.

Connect With Us!

Just like any new business, a large focus of ours will be on introducing Tribe to the market and to become known. If you would like to join our movement, connect with us and follow our exciting journey. Click the social links in the right-hand column and “Join Our Tribe”!

About Us

Welcome to Tribe Cape Town. We are a young, dynamic company with a goal of revolutionizing the school camp industry. We have spent over a decade developing a comprehensive school camp process. We aim to break away from the traditional camp mold, offering our clients an all-encompassing experience.

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Phone: 083 707 6298
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Web: www.ourtribe.co.za 

Sculpting The Future Of School Camps

We have built this tried and tested product through our comprehensive experience; a product which aims to break away from the traditional school camp mold, offering our clients an all-encompassing experience.

Let’s Work Together


We look forward to creating an unforgettable experience for you and your students.  Find your Tribe by joining ours.


About Us

Welcome to TRIBE Cape Town a company specialising in developing, guiding and inspiring leaders through leadership based camps, in-house leadership & entrepreneurship workshops, school holiday camps and corporate team-building processes.

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